Top Payout:

With the price of steel and iron constantly in flux, We measure the market demand and pay you out top dollar based on what the commodities are trading for. We also check to see how much cash for Junk cars our competitors are offering and then offer you even more.

Nationwide Coverage:

We operate one of the largest auto wreckers and tow trucks in new jersey its allowing us to perform car removal within 2-4 hours of you initial call. In many instances, we are able to remove your car on the same day.

FREE Car Removal:

While many other car removal companies will remove your car, truck or SUV and pay you cash, they often times will hide “car pick-up” or “car disposal” fees. With us, there are no hidden fees, no small print and no catches.

FAST, Professional, Courteous Service:

We value your time and your business. To that end we do everything we can to make sure our towers are on time, treat you in a courteous manner and are able to answer all your questions. If you ever have a problem, you are encouraged to call us immediately at 877 SCRAP 64 (877 727 2764).