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Welcome to Scrap Car NJ.Com Welcome to Scrap car NJ your #1 Used Junk and Damaged car buyers, proudly serving thousands of New Jersey residents.

Highest cash payout for used damaged and junk cars.

Professional Towing Service throughout New Jersey.

We will buy and remove your Junk or Damaged vehicles with cash on the spot and free towing our service is guarantee hassle free.

What we say, is what we pay! Get up to $10,000 cash on the spot regardless of the condition.

We buy: Used cars, Damaged cars, Junk cars, Unwanted vehicles, Junk Forklift, Scrap cars, Unfinished Project cars, Vehicles are too much to fix, Totaled cars, Junk cars with out Engine and / or Transmition or just simply bought a new car.

No Title, No Problem Whatever the conditions, WE CAN HELP!
Quick, Easy, and 100% Free Towing!

Scrap Car NJ

What We Do?

Scrap Car New Jersey What we do
Services We Provide At Scrap Car our mission is to provide Fast, Free, No-Hassle Removal of Junk, Damaged or Unwanted vehicles from every Driveway, Garage, Back alley and Front lawn in NJ.

We’ll make a purchase offer based on the value of the vehicle.

In fact, for over 10 years We've been recognized as the premier Junk and Unwanted vehicle Removal Company in NJ.

Nobody does a better job of hauling away Used, Damaged or Old, worn-out and Unwanted vehicles than We do.

Six days a Week there's someone here ready to start the Vehicle Removal Process.

Simply provide the details and our vehicle removal specialists take it from there while you sit back and relax.

You won't wait long, most unwanted vehicles are removed within 2-4 hours, some even in 1 hour you contact Scrap Car NJ.

We encourage you to contact us if that unwanted vehicle you have is beyond hope, is missing the title or even if you need to get rid of a car, truck.

Our combined experience along with our extensive network of towing companies should be able to get to that vehicle no matter regardless of its condition or location.

Fill out our easy Online Form or call us at (877) SCRAP 64.

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Telephone: 877 727 2764
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